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Equalists unite! Join us in building the community of the future

Social, Green, Economical & Egalitarian. What More Can You Ask For?

Equal is a social commerce platform that aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals, increase the bottom line for businesses, and reduce waste, by creating the world’s 1st circular-economy marketplace in which everyone gives and takes equally using an innovative digital rewards system.

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Do Good through Smart Shopping

Give for Free & Earn Rewards!

Give or donate second-hand items to the community for free – and earn Equal Rewards in return!

Exclusive Offers & Discounts!

Redeem your Equal Rewards to buy new or second-hand products with amazing coupons that you can only find in our app!

Doing Well by
Doing Good!

By dealing at Equal you’re not only saving money, but also making our world greener, growing the economy, and empowering people’s life stories!

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