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The growing economic inequalities make it difficult to buy everyday products and services, and the lack of communication results in items in good condition being thrown away out on the streets and businesses closing their doors.

Equal is a social commerce app that aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals, increase the bottom line for businesses, and reduce waste, by creating a global circular-economy marketplace in which everyone gives and takes equally using an innovative digital rewards system.

From the working and middle class to the consumer goods and services industry, Equal will be playing an essential part in their everyday lives, making it easy, cheap and fun to exchange resources, and as a result, save money, earn money, reduce inequalities, poverty, hunger, and eliminate waste.

By providing equal opportunity to resources to all humans, Equal will minimize the planet’s inequality, so people can not only survive, but thrive and prosper while preserving the environment. The positive impact that our circular-economy network can have in the world is endless.

Leading by Example

Efrat Shalem, CEO & Founder at EQUAL

Efrat Shalem

Founder & CEO

A tech marketer turned entrepreneur (or maybe it’s the other way around?) with a great passion for social impact innovation.

A self-made woman in the extreme sense of the word, Efrat’s mission in life is to help others realize their full potential. EQUAL, is the very essence of who she is as a person, and she believes it can be the solution for global socio-economic-environmental problems. Sounds big? That’s because it is.

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Manifesting Dreams, One Step at a Time

From the idea to the business plan, research, branding, product management, prototype design, website building, and marketing – Efrat is the woman responsible. Then, a well-experienced Data Scientist & Android Developer joined her, and together we are now developing the MVP! We look forward to having many more dreamers and doers join us to create a sustainable future.

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