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EQUAL is the world’s 1st circular-economy B2B2C marketplace where individuals and businesses give and take equally using an innovative digital rewards system. It is also the base on which we will build our predictive retail & resale market analytics B2B platform, Equal Intelligence.

We’re a Tel-Aviv-based early-stage startup that aims to revolutionize the social commerce, fintech, impact, and sustainability sectors.

We are now opening our first round of financing to investors and therefore would love to offer you early access and any information you may need to join us in building the circular-economy marketplace of the future!

Achievements to Date

✔️ We’ve secured our 1st investment!

✔️ We’re in development! 

✔️ Fully designed mobile app prototype with 500+ screens in English + Hebrew 

✔️ Product backlog for our MVP, Beta, and more

✔️ Amazing usability tests, market research, and survey results of 100 potential customers, including marketers and biz dev professionals from Estee Lauder, SodaStream, Tnuva, IKEA, MAX UNIQ, BMW, and Hillel Org.

✔️ Legal representation by a well-known law firm + 3 patent lawyers who reviewed the app and consulted us on an IP protection strategy

✔️ Financial plan for the next 3 years
✔️ 700+ followers on social media and
✔️ 3 international magazines saying we’re one of the best startups to follow!
✔️ We started at Founder Institute Silicon Valley pre-seed accelerator and joined Hackaveret Israel social innovation hub to create a supportive network and get easy access to sustainable businesses and NPOs, which we’ll gladly add to our marketplace.

500+ Screens Prototype Now In Development!

It might sound totally insane, but Efrat took her time researching, learning, designing, and testing a 500+ screens prototype in English and Hebrew – completely on her own, for the first time in her life!

And not only that, she created a full product backlog ready for development that includes our MVP, Beta, and more! That’s a year+ of pre-planning!

Meaning, you are looking at $150K worth of work, and that’s even before taking our branding and marketing into account.

So, while other startups might need a product designer, a product manager, and a marketing manager – here we got it all in one! Now, that’s economical.

We’re now in development with our well-experienced Data Scientist & Android Developer and looking to raise more funds to accelerate the process so we’ll launch asap!

Amazing Usability Test Results!

We spent our time designing and testing interchangeably to make our app’s user experience rock! Above are some of the amazing reviews marketers and biz dev professionals from Estee Lauder, SodaStream, Tnuva, IKEA, MAX UNIQ and BMW have written down in our usability tests. 

What are You Waiting for?

Email us for an investment pitch you won’t forget! (“One of the best pitches I’ve ever heard” was a phrase we got at least 3 times…)

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