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The increase in public exposure to the earth’s ecological problems and the enormous impact of movements calling for social change has raised the importance of social and environmental responsibility among consumers. As a response, many companies become more socially and ecologically efficient, developing and marketing eco-friendly and socially responsible products. This consumer behavior change will only strengthen with the continuous rise in the public’s social awareness and the enforcement of greenhouse gas emissions regulations.

Therefore, we invite you, businesses, non-profits, and responsible marketing professionals, to join our circular-economy marketplace as retailers, encourage giving and generosity along with smart and green consumption, and together we’ll build a community in which every purchase and sale contributes to a more sustainable economy, society, and environment. 

Our Future Customers Can't Wait

Here are some of the amazing reviews marketers and bizdev professionals from Estee Lauder, SodaStream, Tnuva, IKEA, MAX UNIQ and BMW wrote down in our usability tests:

“Wonderful concept with added value for sustainable businesses”

“Incredible! I want it to launch tomorrow morning!”

“Can totally work”

“Love it! Great potential and there’s a real need for it in the market”

“Great concept that can truly help communities”

“Amazing! Extremely Enjoyable”

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